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Waterford, MI Gutters

Gutter underside install

Direct Exteriors offers a great selection of affordable gutter protection systems that will not only save you money, but save you from constantly having to clean your Waterford, MI gutters.

Waterford, MI Gutter Protection Systems from Direct Exteriors

There are a lot of different gutter protection systems on the Waterford, MI market. They all keep leaves out, but some of these leaf guards don’t work for pine needles, and other gutter guards with metal covers make excess ice form in the winter. Some Waterford, MI gutter protection systems are fastened through your roof (it is never a good idea to penetrate the roof and void the shingle warranty), and some others slip under the shingles, lifting them up at their lowest point. Both of these types of gutter protection systems can cause damage to your roof or even more trouble for you during the winter months in Waterford, MI.

At Direct Exteriors we have found that Leaf Relief by Alcoa is the best gutter protection system that addresses all these issues. It works with leaves and pine needles, will never rot, doesn’t put holes in your shingles, there’s never a need to re-position existing Waterford, MI gutters during installation, and it doesn’t lift up your shingles. It’s also virtually invisible from the ground. The only way your neighbor will know you have a Leaf Relief gutter protection system installed is if he can see it while he is on his roof cleaning out his gutters.

Here is a comparison of Leaf Relief and some other gutter protection systems so you can see the many benefits of having this system installed with your Waterford, MI gutters. To learn more about gutter protection, contact the Waterford, MI gutters specialists at Direct Exteriors today. Our Waterford, MI replacement windows and exterior service company will be happy to answer any questions you have about our products and services related to gutters for your home or business.

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