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About Direct Exteriors – Your Waterford, MI Replacement Windows Company

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At Direct Exteriors we know that finding a contractor in Waterford, MI to trust with your home improvement project can be a difficult task. With Direct Exteriors, you can rest assured you are working with true, experienced professionals. Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about home improvement product options or installation specifications. Our goal as your Waterford, MI replacement windows company and home improvement contractor is to educate each and every client so an informed purchasing decision can be made. Bruce, the owner of Direct Exteriors, your Waterford, MI replacement windows company, has been in the home improvement industry for over 31 years. He worked as a sales manager and general manager at a large company for 15 years before opening Direct Exteriors in 2007.

Big companies with big overhead = BIG PRICES. At Direct Exteriors, you work directly with the owner of the company. Bruce handles every customer personally. Large Waterford, MI replacement windows companies simply cannot live on the small profit margins that Direct Exteriors can live on – that’s part of the reason why they charge so much more than we do here at Direct Exteriors. All of our Waterford, MI replacement windows carry a lifetime warranty, and some even include glass breakage coverage. Not to mention, our Waterford, MI replacement windows company has some of the lowest U-Value (best performance) windows around for the money. Deal Direct & Save!

  • Michigan Builders license 2101186039
  • VSI certified siding installer
  • Lead safety Certified for Renovation, Repair, and Painting

Why Choose Direct Exteriors as Your Waterford, MI Replacement Windows Company & Exterior Services Expert?

Deal DIRECT with the builder/owner…no salesmen! Save money, and get the benefit of over 31 years experience by working directly with me, Bruce, the owner of Direct Exteriors.

I am here to stay. I like helping homeowners fulfill their dreams, and I sell each job with the intention of repeat and referral business.

I personally supervise every job I sell. One of the complaints I often heard from a homeowner was that after the sale they never saw or heard from the salesperson again.

I can do that…I AM THE OWNER. I have accounts all over at various wholesale supply outlets. I am not tied to just one product, and can use any product to suit your needs. If there is a specific feature or price point that you simply must have…I can get it.

Education is the key to a happy homeowner. Everybody wants to shop before they buy because they don’t usually know what’s available. I can show you 6 different grades of windows, 7 different grades of siding, 3 different soffit panels, 3 different aluminum trim coil grades. Every product weather it’s roofing or doors has a good, better, and best and it’s nice to see them – how else can you make a choice?

I have low overhead. In the 23 years I’ve been doing home improvements, less than 10% of my customers ever set foot in any showroom to look at product samples. My wholesale suppliers have showrooms, but I usually bring the product to you. So who needs the overhead associated with a showroom? I have only what is needed to do a good job at a low price. An example of overhead that doesn’t affect your job is television advertising, or a salesman who makes a 10 % commission off your job. This freedom from excess overhead allows me to sell a better job at the same price, or the same job at a lower price. I can afford better, more qualified installers with integrity. You will never have to call me complaining that the crew from my Waterford, MI replacement windows company on your job doesn’t speak any English and you can’t communicate with them. Life is too short for that headache on your end and mine.

I have been using the same crews, on average, for 11 years. They know what is expected, and what will not be tolerated. There are no “jack of all trades” people at Direct Exteriors. My siding crew only installs siding. My roofers only do roofing. There is a separate crew for seamless gutters. Windows and doors get installed by a crew that only does windows and doors. That specialization is the key to a job without shortcuts. Every house has quirks and problems, and it’s nice to have an installer that has dealt with it many times before.

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What Waterford, MI Homeowners Are Saying About Us

“We had seventeen custom large size windows installed in our home. We were pleased when we first saw these windows. they are well built and substantial. The installation took two days in hot weather, an accomplishment. The crew was well organized, worked quickly, and cleaned up after the job. The exterior trim was very well done. A very professional job. The windows immediately reduced the heat from the hot summer sun and now are providing themselves to be tight against December’s cold winds. It is nice to sit next to a window and not feel drafts and chill. Our old windows were bulky and required two people to clean them, one outside on a ladder and another inside the house. Now, it is wonderful to be able to clean the windows without feeling we are in a tag wrestling match.” – Dennis and Doreen Craggs

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