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How Many Ways Can a Macomb Replacement Window Open?

How Many Ways Can a Macomb Replacement Window Open?

Many of us don’t pay too much attention to how windows open unless we are either trying (without success) to open one or we are thinking about installing Macomb replacement windows in a home.

Choosing Macomb replacement windows for a home remodeling project will undoubtedly make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. It will also give you an opportunity to change the size and the style of your windows, as well as the material. You might, for example, want to change from wood-framed windows to Waterford, MI vinyl windows. This would also reduce the work necessary to maintain the windows.

Replacing windows in Waterford, MI provides the perfect opportunity to choose the windows that are best suited to each particular part of your home. In addition to shape and material, you will also want to consider how the windows open. How many ways can Waterford, MI replacement windows open? There are six basic types of windows:

  • 1. Fixed panel windows do not open. Whether the window is made of a single pane of glass or a set of framed glass blocks, the glass is fixed. Fixed-pane windows are made in a number of sizes and shapes. They can be used as basement windows, highly decorative windows, large panels in sun rooms, etc.
  • 2. An Awning Window is opened by swinging the glass panel upward to form an “awning” over the outside of the window. Awning windows can operate with the use of several devices and designs. Some work by turning a crank to lift the edge of the window. Others are simply manually pushed outward and upward and then braced or latched into place.
  • Casement windows open outward by turning a crank which swings the glass panel open from the center to the outside of the opening. Casement windows are typically used in areas where it would be difficult to reach or slide a window up and down because of limited access (such as over a sink).
  • Double Hung Windows are made of two partially overlapping panes of glass or windows which each move up and down on a track at the side of the window frame. Many new styles of double hung windows are also designed to allow one or both panes to tilt inward for ease of cleaning.
  • Single Hung Windows are made essentially like double hung windows except that only the lower window panel moves up and down or tilts inward. Single hung windows are frequently used just like double hung windows.
  • Sliding windows are windows that open by sliding one panel in front of or behind the panel beside it. Sliding windows were very popular for a time in many locations. Sliding windows are used today in new construction and remodeling primarily as replacements or in areas of the house that do not offer enough vertical space for a double-hung window.

All of these window styles are available in several materials and designs, making it easy to find the right window for any remodeling need. With a little thought and planning, you can choose the perfect window for each part of your home.


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