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5 Vinyl Siding Problems That Require Repairs

5 Vinyl Siding Problems That Require Repairs

Vinyl siding has improved greatly over the years and is a preferred option for many Waterford homeowners. Homes with old vinyl siding experience many problems as they age, and siding contractors can either repair or replace the siding, depending on the extent of the damage.


Generally, the cheaper the vinyl siding, the more likely it is to fade and discolor as a result of sun exposure. If you want vinyl siding but also want it to retain its color for many years, choose a vinyl siding in a higher price range because price usually correlates with quality. However, if you don’t mind gradual fading, more affordable vinyl siding is adequate, but the fading can become more than a cosmetic problem over time and may lead to cracking.


Vinyl siding is water resistant, but that quality does not ensure that you will avoid moisture problems. If the vinyl siding is installed with a foam backing, moisture can become trapped behind the siding, resulting in leaks, mold, mildew, rot, and peeling paint and wallpaper. Ensuring that your vinyl siding remains seamless is crucial, so if you notice cracked caulking around seam lines, hire a metal roofing contractor to repair your vinyl siding.


During cold weather, vinyl siding is vulnerable to cracking if it experiences any impact. These cracks can develop into larger holes, leading to the collection of moisture. When cracking is discovered, the vinyl siding should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


Although vinyl siding does not chip or peel, it is prone to warping when exposed to high temperatures. Warped vinyl siding can be replaced, but having a metal roofing contractor install new vinyl siding in locations with direct sunlight without shade from landscaping will inevitably result in more warping. Vinyl siding should be installed so that it is able to expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures.


Melting of vinyl siding can occur in both warm and cool climates. When temperatures are high, sunlight can reflect off of neighbors’ windows, causing your vinyl siding to warp and melt. Window screens can reduce the sunlight reflection, and dense landscaping can also protect your siding from the sun’s rays. When temperatures are low, melting can still occur because insulated glass windows bend light like magnifying glasses do, and the sunlight can still reflect off of your neighbors’ insulated windows and melt your siding.

Warning Signs in Vinyl Siding

  • Loose panels
  • Cracking or warping
  • Exposed nails
  • Mold and water stains
  • Gaps
  • Melting
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper in your home’s interior

Vinyl siding is a good option for many homeowners, but without proper maintenance, it will require repairs and replacement. If you experience complications with your vinyl siding, reach out to a trusted Waterford metal roofing contractor like Direct Exteriors to prevent further damage to your home.


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